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:: Basil and Sweetcorn! A TASTE EXPERIENCE

I picked this recipe up while staying with my lovely Auntie Annie during our recent trip to Florida, and it’s a real discovery! The combination of Basil and sweetcorn works together to create a pretty a really interesting taste and a perfect side dish to grilled meat or chicken. The recipe itself is fairly straight forward but this one is definitely worth trying.

Basil and Sweetcorn

  1. A Good Handful of Fresh Basil
  2. 4 Corn on the Cob (Fresh if available)
  3. 1 Tablespoon of Butter
  4. A Good sprinkle of Salt and Pepper

In a large bowl, slice the the corn off the cob- if your using fresh, don’t bother straining any of the excess juice that comes out, it all adds to the flavour. Chop the Basil roughly and put to the side.

Place a sauce pan over a medium heat and add the butter until melted. Add the corn, toss, and then add the basil. Keep the mixture moving by stirring for about 3 Min’s.

Season with the Salt and Pepper and serve piping hot!

Let me know what you think!


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Ever since I started working full time, lunch has always been a bit of an issue. Now, I do not profess to be the most organised of people, but generally I will make something the night before to have for lunch the following day. However on the days that I do not plan ahead for, I almost always end up being disappointed after forcing myself to substitute a homecooked meal for something from the selection of tired looking foods from O’Briens.

There is one saving grace in Ashbourne, Co. Meath and that is the Deli Store which has one of those real old school village coffee shop type vibes, and you can be guaranteed a good hearty sambo from the girls who run it.

For next week I’m tied between doing a feature on one pot wonders and lunchtime meals, but thanks to Michael, it’s looking more likely I’ll be experimenting with lunches after I spotted this really cool lunch box from Japan:
They can be bought from and are an adaptation of the classic Japanese Bento box which has many different compartments. What I like about this is it keeps your food warm and their are four different bowls, which allow the lunchtime possibilities to be endless!

Money is a little bit tight at the moment after the whole Eurosong thing, but I’m hoping someone may take pity on me and get me one!

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:: I’M BACK!

Hello Hello!

After a long 3 months, this year’s Eurovision dream came to an end on Saturday night, when I was beaten by the nation’s favourite Turkey at Eurosong 2008! I have to admit I was a little gutted on the night but it was an amazing experience and I wish them all the best in Serbia!

There is a sense of relief and freedom that comes with any sort of ending, and my mind is now able to think beyond whats steps I’m doing, or what I have to do next. I think my girlfriend is very glad to have me back too! So apart from that it’s back to reality and business- I can finally get back in the kitchen and start cooking again, and what with the days getting brighter, you can expect some great pictures and dishes back here on the blog!

Stick around lot’s of new stuff coming up!

Donal 🙂

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:: EUROSONG 2008

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the lack of post around here lately. Since around November I have been working on a song for the Irish Eurovision selection, and I recently got news I have been selected as one of the six finalists!

Food of course is one of my big passions, but Eurovision and music are right up there with it! My song, “Double Cross My Heart” is an upbeat europop song with a catchy tune and even catchier performance, the song would be a breath of fresh air for Ireland’s Eurovision entry.

I’m an absolutely huge fan of the contest (don’t judge me :)!) and more than anything I want to bring Eurovision back to Ireland!

Ireland has an amazing track record at the contest so Let’s show Europe, WE STILL HAVE IT!

I will be performing up first on Saturday night the 23rd of Febuary, so if you want to do your country proud this year in Serbia, be sure you pick up the phone and VOTE!

As the posts here may be lacking at the moment you can follow my progress during the whole thing at where I’ll keep you up to date on all things Eurovision!

And if you have no interest in that at all, The mood food blog will be back when I actually have a chance to get back in the kitchen! 🙂

Thanks a mill


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