And Now For The Science Bit! Aubergine Parmigiana

July 30, 2007 at 10:07 pm Leave a comment

The mystical Vegetable that is THE AUBERGINE!
Apart from this beautiful and glossy vegetable being so nice to look at, it also has some interesting health benefits, you’ll be interested to know! Aubergine’s are from the nightshade family which includes vegetables like peppers, tomato’s and potato’s, in my opinion they have a very distinct taste and texture, but then that’s something you should really discover yourself!


  1. Right now they are in season and will be until the end of October.
  2. Aubergine’s contain phytonutrients which apparently have antioxident properties and protect cell membranes. That can only be good right?
  3. Aubergine’s have been found to have, wait for it, anti cancer and anti cholesterol properties.
  4. Aubergine’s are extremely low fat, but also extremely absorbant so make sure to roast or grill instead of frying! (I’ve learned my lesson!)

Now I bet you agree, AN AMAZING VEGETABLE!


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